BBC orders interview with Diana investigated after princess was misled


Speaking publicly for the first time, Mr Wiessler said in an interview for the ITV documentary that internal documents made it clear that he had been used as a scapegoat. He went on to say that Mr Bashir had asked him to simulate bank statements to be used as accessories for “filming purposes”.

He said he didn’t know what they were for until the interview was broadcast. When he contacted BBC officials about his concerns, he said, he was warned not to speak to the media. But after an unsatisfactory confrontation with Mr Bashir, he eventually spoke to a reporter, which helped spark the first investigation.

“I clearly felt that I was the one who was going to be the fall guy in this story,” Mr. Wiessler said. His contract was not renewed and he eventually left the industry when the job dried up, he said.

In a statement, Mr Hall told BBC Radio the initial investigation focused on whether the Princess had been misled and the company’s new investigation would no doubt examine this along with any new issues raised. He did not immediately respond to new requests for comment.

The new revelations have reignited questions about the media’s relationship with the Princess and come after a sustained campaign by her brother, Earl Spencer, raising questions about how the interview was obtained.

“I knew Martin Bashir was using fake bank statements and other dishonesty to trick my sister into doing the interview,” the count said on Twitter on Sunday, adding that he had only recently found out that the BBC knew no only, but “had concealed it.” . “

Mr Wiessler told ITV that he wanted an apology and that at the time management, producers and BBC presenters were “protecting themselves at all costs”.


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