BBC One forced to apologize as channel is ‘off’, leaving viewers furious


BBC One was disconnected on Monday during the Panorama documentary Can Biden unite America?The channel apologized onscreen because it generated an error message and the documentary stopped.

The show was marred by technical difficulties for the first 10 minutes, according to disgruntled viewers.

And when the channel finally came back, the sound wasn’t working.

The soap opera apologized as a voiceover tried to reassure viewers

A voiceover read: “Well I’m sorry we have a problem bringing Panorama to you tonight, we’ll try to get it to you ASAP. ”

A few minutes later the voice came back to say, ‘You are watching BBC One, and unfortunately tonight we have a major technical problem, please be indulgent with us, as I keep saying we are trying to fix it.

“And as soon as we can, we’ll be back here with you. “

Joe Biden documentary marred by technical difficulties

A viewer tweeted: ” @BBCPanorama is broken and it has become one of the best comedies in ages. Thanks for the laughs @BBC « .

Another declaimed: “Does the BBC have someone responsible for work experience tonight?” Absolute amateur hour # bbc1#bbcpanorama « .

A third commented, “Bbc Panorama .. No .. Yeah .. No .. Play weird music .. ok Garden Rescue .. ok no .. an old Panorama episode .. oh no .. the episode works well .. oops No sound.


“It was a lot of fun. #BBConeIsBroken# BBC1#BBCone#BBCpanorama« .

The show eventually returned, but viewers were furious that they had missed much of the show.

One of them asked: “Can @BBCOne please show the last 20 minutes we missed @BBCPanorama pls ???

Another joked: “We need a panoramic investigation into why Panorama has technical problems. bbcpanorama« .

As the documentary covered President-elect Biden, some viewers blamed Donald Trump for the blunder, predicting he was the cause.

The BBC later released a statement which read: “Unfortunately, major technical issues have delayed the launch of Panorama tonight.

“The BBC One program is now 5 minutes late – we apologize to viewers for the disruption. “


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