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The former president was promoting his new memoir “A Promised Land” which was released earlier this month. In the book, he chronicles his life from childhood until the assassination of Osama Bin Laden in May 2011.

On live Jimmy Kimmel, Mr. Obama joked that he was afraid of his wife and younger daughter.He said, “The reason is that Sasha is a mini Michelle, and I’m scared of Michelle.

“And Sasha, having seen that, basically has the same look, the same attitude.

However, Mr Obama said his eldest daughter, Malia, had taken on more of her personality traits.

He commented: “Malia is more like me by temperament.

“We call ourselves ‘The Long Faces’ because [Malia’s] the face is more fit like mine, and “The Round Faces” are Michelle and Sasha.

“Round faces are a fiercer tribe.

“We are like the vegetarians, the gatherers and these are the hunters.

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Between January 2009 and January 2017, Ms. Obama served as First Lady of the United States.

A Promised Land is expected to be the best-selling presidential memoir of all time.

Mr Obama had planned to cover his two presidencies in the 701-page book, but did not arrive until 2011.

The rest of his term will be covered by further work.

Speaking to Mr. Kimmel, Mr. Obama revealed that his children have yet to read his book.

He said: “Their attitude is, ‘We have better things to do than read your boring rants and raves.’

“They promised at one point that they will.”

In his memoirs, Mr. Obama described a number of his fellow world leaders, including former David Cameron.

Writing about the former UK prime minister, he said: “In his early forties, with a youthful appearance and studied informality (at every international summit the first thing he did was take off his jacket and loosen tie), the educated Eton Cameron possessed an impressive mastery of problems, an ease with language and the easy confidence of someone who had never been too rushed by life.

“I loved him personally, even when we collided, and for the next six years he would prove to be a willing partner on a host of international issues, from climate change (he believed in science) to human rights. man (he supported marriage equality) to help developing countries).


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