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51/57 Perez asks if his Racing Point team is awake. It turned into this kind of race after all the excitement at the start.


50/57 Gasly will not be at the pit as he seeks to retain sixth place, on the advice of his Alpha team.


49/57 Will Hamilton try to win the fastest lap? He has the leeway to do so.




47/57 Ten laps to go and Hamilton calm in his mastery of the occasion.


46/57 Hamilton’s lead is now roughly five seconds and so Verstappen is in the pits, possibly chasing a fastest lap. This brings an additional point. He stays ahead of Perez, four seconds, and is now more than 22 seconds behind Hamilton.


45/57 Gasly takes Norris for fifth place, and it’s the hottest battle yet. Gasly’s Alpha team has a tire conundrum. At the back, Vettel is chasing George Russell. It was another bad day for Ferrari.


44/57 Bottas goes inside and pulls away from Ocon to take ninth place. The Finn has made a small way to recover some pride of his disastrous day. He started the day second, let’s remember.


43/57 Lewis Hamilton has now led 600 laps of the season, with two more races to go. It’s beyond the dominance of him and his Mercedes car.


42/57 Hamilton’s lead is 3.4 seconds over Verstappen, opening a fraction or two.


41/57 Sainz quickly overtook Leclerc, who then entered the pits and finished 12th.



40/57 Sainz enters the pits with his McClaren, and he squeals with rage as he exits and Leclerc is one place ahead in eighth.


39/57 Norris in the pits, thus moving from the fourth place, which goes to Alex Albon. Perez is back in third; he had a good day at Racing Point.


38/57 Between the 10th and the 11th, the Charlatans’ second album, and also the battle of the two Renault cars of Ocon and Ricciardo, with Ocon in tenth. The latter is the driver who remains next season and he does a good job of defending against the Australian, until finally let him pass.


37/57 Perez, who has no training for next season, enters the pits and his stint in second didn’t last long. He fell fifth and Verstappen was second again.


36/57 Hamilton is in the pits and still leads. He managed to remove the set of tires which was bothering him a bit. There is just a second advantage over Perez, but it won’t last.




34/57 Verstappen still has the fastest lap, but Hamilton is so used to leading these races that surely there isn’t much going back if something very strange happens.


33/57 Hamilton leads more than five seconds. Verstappen is doing his best to keep in touch, and a second place would help him on his way to second place in the Championship overall with Bottas struggling today.


32/57 Bottas, back 11th, seems to have a touch of grumpy, as he faces Leclerc and claims tenth place in the Monegasque tyro.


31/57 Vettel is 15th after passing Raikkonen. Will it improve his mood? Unlikely.


30/57 Sainz, Ricciardo and Ocon, for the sixth, seventh, eighth, is a battle that unfolds as Hamilton’s lead exceeds five seconds. Norris is fifth. Verstappen has the fastest lap.


29/57 Hamilton is using the outer limits of the track a little too much? That seems to be what the Verstappen team is telling him. Some confusion as to whether this is allowed.


28/57 Perhaps the toughest race is Alex Albon and Perez for the third place race.


27/57 And the gap disappears by a few tenths of a second between the first two.


26/57 Sainz takes Ricciardo to move up to seventh, and will chase Ocon. Perez was 19 seconds behind Verstappen in second. It is a two-horse race, even though one horse is way ahead of the other. Hamilton maintains his lead of just over four seconds.


25/57 Lando Norris uses his DRS to pass Bottas in the straight line and take sixth place. Bottas is not having fun at all.


24/57 Charles Leclerc seems to be riding in his Ferrari, without the usual momentum. Perhaps he suffers from the same problems as the still upset Vettel, who is now 17th. Verstappen cuts into Hamilton’s lead, but only partially.


23/57 Looks like Verstappen wants to go for this one, according to the word from his garage. And he performs a fastest lap, as if to confirm his intention. The gap is less than five seconds.




21/57 Hamilton is on average tires. Ricciardo has a dig at Antonio Giovinazzi and is cleared to pass 11th. Vettel enters, complaining again about his car.


20/57 In goes Hamilton, and for a decent Mercedes pit stop. Verstappen is in the lead and Perez is second. Hamilton intentionally hides in third.


19/57 Hamilton said he received vibrations in his tires and would set off about five seconds from Verstappen.


18/57 Renault, Ocon and Ricciardo both changed their tires. Hamilton should do the same.


17/57 Raikkonen and Bottas is the battle of the moment with all quite serene up front.


16/57 Raikkonen has George Russell in his sights, the lack of grip apparently not being too much of a problem for him.


15/57 Verstappen wastes more time on Hamilton. A confrontation between them seems less likely. Raikkonen’s front wing goes out, and no sign that he will arrive again. Bottas is behind him 14th.


14/57 Hamilton continues to complete the fastest lap, with a 2.416 lead over Verstappen. Kimi Raikkonen has a damaged front wing as for him 13th.


13/57 Kyvat received a ten second penalty for this Stroll incident. Vettel is back in 18th place and tells his team his car is not suitable for his goal. Kevin Magnussen, in the other Haas, is overheating.


12/57 Sainz manages a spectacular overtaking of Leclerc, who fights and finds himself braking abruptly and being overtaken by Ricciardo. Sainz and Leclerc could be fun next season.


11/57 Bottas is not happy, as he is fighting over 15th with Vettel, a battle that should be in the lead. Verstappen also complains to his garage. “My car is bouncing everywhere.”



10/57 It’s a real race, and Leclerc could be investigated for a clash with Kyvat, although that is quickly changed, and it looks like Kyvat is being considered for his clash with Stroll.


9/57 We run, while the green light is flashing. Hamilton flies away. Leclerc and Ocon clash, and Ocon retains Leclerc to keep his sixth place. Ricciardo has a dig at Leclerc, but he ends up losing his eighth place to Sainz. Hamilton is already leading by a second.


7/57 The safety car rolls over, and the drivers rush to position themselves, trying to warm their tires. Seems to be debris over there, and that caused Bottas his troubles.




5/57 Kevin Magnusson, the other Haas pilot, lost his front wing and had to re-enter to get a new one. That happens. “Lance is fine,” said the head of Racing Point, who is now a downed man after Stroll’s hubbub.



4/57 It took a while for Stroll to get out of his cockpit and the Safety Car is back in session. Bottas has a puncture, arrives and falls to 16th place. Looks like Stroll and Vettel clashed, and Vettel is complaining to his people in the garage. He doesn’t seem happy.


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