Audit requested after more than 800,000 ineligible people obtain CERB


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A Conservative MP says the Canada Revenue Agency has an explanation for it after more than 800,000 ineligible people obtained emergency response benefit checks from Canada.

The CRA’s own files – filed as part of a ministry investigation filed in the House of Commons – show that 823,850 people who failed to file a tax return in the past year received CERB checks monthly payments of $ 2,000 at a cost of nearly $ 1.7 billion to taxpayers, according to Blacklock. Journalist.

“I find this remarkable,” said Conservative MP Kelly McCauley.

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“It’s a huge amount. People were losing their homes and really needed help, but there were claims made by others who didn’t qualify or didn’t really need it. I want the government to do a proper and transparent audit of this. We simply owe it to the taxpayers.

The federal government has approved the CERB payment to unemployed filers who earned at least $ 5,000 in 2019.

The CRA did not explain how non-filers could have claimed the benefit.

The CERB program was initially budgeted at $ 24 billion, but by the time it expired on October 3, payments had exceeded $ 81 billion.

More than 14,000 people in the top tax bracket – earning $ 210,371 or more in 2019 – have applied for CERB, claiming they have no income.


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