Attackers of security vans arrested in Switzerland and France


The burnt remains of several vehicles after the June 2019 robbery keystone

Thirteen suspects involved in the theft of an armored car in Mont-sur-Lausanne, in French-speaking Switzerland, in June 2019 were arrested. The cost of the robbery was estimated at 25 million francs ($ 27.5 million).

This content was published on November 18, 2020 – 6:20 pm

Keystone-SDA / ts

Police on Tuesday arrested five people in the canton of Vaud and eight in the French city of Lyon. They are suspected of having been involved in various capacities in the attack on a van belonging to a private armored vehicle company, said the Vaud cantonal police.

A suspect had already been arrested in Spain in the summer of 2019 at the request of the Vaud prosecutor’s office. The Frenchman from the Lyon region was extradited to Switzerland and is still in detention. Investigations are continuing to determine its role.

The attackers had blocked the armored vehicle in the industrial zone of Mont-sur-Lausanne with several vehicles and forced the couriers to leave the vehicle at gunpoint. They then set fire to several vehicles and escaped with some of the money.

Same MO

The attack was not the first of its kind in Vaud. A year earlier, an armored car had been stolen in Mont-sur-Lausanne. Just under a month ago, police arrested seven people on suspicion of stealing two armored cars in La Sarraz in August 2019.

Between 2017 and 2019, new attacks followed the same pattern in Nyon (May 2017), Chavornay (February 2018) and Daillens (December 2019). The perpetrators’ actions were always the same: the thieves threatened the security guards with guns, blew up the van to recover the money, shot the vehicles before fleeing to neighboring France.

After the series of attacks, the canton of Vaud took security measures. For example, cash can now only be transported in heavily armored vehicles and the amount of money has been limited to 10 million francs.


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