Asda explains why it is NOT closing non-essential sections and keeping all store areas open


Asda has explained why it will keep all areas of its stores open, while other retailers have closed their first floor levels. Competing supermarkets, including Tesco and M&S, have closed mezzanines to customers after national lockdown restrictions came into effect.

The government says essential retailers don’t have to stop selling their non-essential products.

But when a “business has sufficiently distinct parts” – such as a “separate story section of household items” – those areas should close to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The guidelines saw Tesco stop selling most of its clothing and household items in stores that have these products on the first floor.

One-tier Tesco stores like Ingleby Barwick, Eston and Redcar are not affected.

Asda says that won’t follow – as the guidelines only apply to retailers that have entire floors dedicated to “non-essential” products.

It will keep the upper levels open at its stores, including Portrack, although the retailer has closed all stand-alone Asda Living and George stores during the lockdown.

Customer restaurants in Asda stores are also closed or take out only.

Asda says it has followed all government guidelines “throughout the pandemic.”

He specifies that as a major retailer, he “is not required to close the aisles and can continue to sell our usual product lines”.

Tesco closed the escalators to its mezzanine, to the surprise of buyers who visited over the weekend.

Customers at the Coulby Newham branch found that they were unable to purchase clothing and household items.

Tesco said its mezzanine items will always be available and staff will be on hand to help customers with any items they need.

Tesco clothing, general merchandise and mobile stores will remain open if located in the main workshop.


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