Asda buyers spot a “hidden message” on delivery badges


As loneliness levels in the UK continue to rise as Christmas approaches, supermarket giant Asda has developed a new campaign to get shoppers and staff talking.Starting today, shoppers can spot delivery drivers wearing badges that say ‘Happy to chat’ – and can enjoy a good ol ‘chinwag with all the employees wearing them.

The badges were launched as part of Asda’s new ‘Delivering Christmas Kindness’ campaign, which aims to tackle loneliness in UK communities as we head into the holiday season.

Asda says 7,500 of its delivery drivers will now have the option to wear one of the ‘Happy to Chat’ badges – which could offer a simple but crucial lifeline for some of the UK’s loneliest people.

Badges are not required, so anyone wearing one has chosen to take the time to chat with customers.

The campaign, which launched today, has already been praised by buyers, with some calling it “amazing” and “brilliant”.

Asda buyers spot a “hidden message” on delivery badges

Anna-Maree Shaw, Client Manager for Asda, said: “These are tough times for everyone, especially those who experience loneliness.

“While Asda colleagues have always made an effort to chat quickly and bring a smile, we want to make sure that whether it’s in our stores, at the door or in the community – we’re there for customers this Christmas. ”

Sam Ward, Deputy CEO and Director of RVS Services, added, “Royal Volunteer Service is incredibly proud to be part of such a great initiative alongside Asda.

“We all understand that Christmas can be difficult for those who are alone and that this year will be more difficult than ever.

“With the help of this fantastic project, it shows that even a little Christmas cuteness will go a long way in making the holiday season easier for those in need. “


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