Ariana Grande’s 60s-inspired look is trending on TikTok


Ariana is the # 1 pioneer!

Thanks to Ariana Grande’s new music video, “Positions,” everyone pulls out their makeup palette to recreate iconic looks from the 1960s.

In fact, so many people are doing it that 60s-inspired makeup trends started trending on TikTok.

And the only thing you need to achieve the look is spectacular cat eye, long lashes, and a hint of your favorite eyeliner.

If you need a point of reference, just consult Ariana Positions album cover. Her eye makeup gives off a very nostalgic feel and she also styled her hair in a look very similar to Jackie Kennedy.

If anything, Ariana’s 60s-inspired look will have you thinking about all the great things that have happened this decade, like the civil rights movement and the start of counter-cultural fashion.

Not to mention, her music video also makes you feel like a straightforward boss who can play many roles in your life.

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Ariana Grande / Via

Looks like the “Thank U, Next” star has a banger again.

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