Are Home Bargains, B&M, B&Q and Argos allowed to open during lockdown?


As England prepares to enter their second nationwide lockdown on Thursday, buyers are asking which stores will be allowed to stay open. The government has previously said that “essential” stores like supermarkets, grocery stores, garden centers and newsagents will be allowed to remain open to shoppers, but people have been left puzzled about popular stores such as Home Bargains, B&M and the range.

Here are all the latest updates on stores deemed “essential” by the government and are therefore allowed to remain open, according to ECHO Liverpool.

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Home Bargains stores will also remain open during the new nationwide lockdown, as they did the first time around. In addition to a wide range of “non-essential” items, the store sells essential items such as medicines, as well as food items.


Yesterday, B&M posted an update to customers on its Facebook page to say stores will remain open and encouraged shoppers not to panic. The statement read: “As a critical retailer and on the advice of the government, we remained open during the first lockdown.

“B&M was proud to serve our communities and we will do it again. Our colleagues are working around the clock so that you can get all the items you need.

“So there is no need to panic to buy – our warehouses are full and we are working very hard to keep inventory flowing into the stores. “


The range also released an update to customers saying, “On the advice of the government, we have remained open during the last lockdown and will continue to remain open for your convenience. “

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Wilko stores are also expected to remain open due to the sale of essential items, including medicines.


Argos stores in England are expected to close from Thursday, November 5, but they will be allowed to offer a click-and-collect service to shoppers.


B&Q’s website reads: “As a critical retailer, our stores located in areas where there is a local lockdown will remain open. To reduce the risk of transmission, in accordance with government guidelines, we have implemented comprehensive controls and strict social distancing measures in all areas. Our shops.

“All stores have a designated queue area outside and these have markers every two meters to help remind everyone to respect each other’s personal space. To further promote social distancing, stores have two-meter markers on the floor as well as other outlets and perspex screens have been installed at checkouts.

“We also have hand sanitizing stations to make sure the carts are ready for use. Colleagues are on hand to remind everyone to stay safe and follow these guidelines.


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