Are adult schools still open?


Question from reader: We attend a small French language school, which in the spring we did online as best we could, for the first childbirth.

However, now they say we still attend classes from Monday as usual. Is it correct? They say we just tick the first box on the forms in order to attend classes every day.

Yes, that’s right, if your school teaches adults.

Unlike the first lockdown, schools, colleges, high schools and educational institutions are now allowed to remain open – with all precautions in place, such as wearing masks.

The government permit “Travel between home and place of work or universities (or higher education institutions) for students or adult education centers and business trips that cannot be postponed”.

As your language school told you, you will need an attestation exemption form, available for printing and Download here (in French). There is a English version available and also a easy-to-read version with pictograms. There is also a digital version available through the TousAntiCovid smartphone application.

On the form, you will need to check the first box, which includes ” travel between home and … an education or training establishment»(Travel between home and an educational or training establishment).

This general form that you will need in this particular case should not be confused with the ” Proof of school trip“. The latter is a permanent form intended for pupils and students under the age of 18 only to be used for daily trips to and from the school. This “school” form requires a signature from the parents or guardians, and must also be signed by the school or educational institution.

The general form must be new / updated with each new trip you take, while the “school” form only needs to be completed and signed once and the same form is then routed to and from the school each time. day.

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