Another tragic coronavirus death in hospitals in North Lincolnshire as intensive care wards see increased admissions


There was another tragic loss in the coronavirus pandemic yesterday at hospitals in our area, which means we have now seen 21 deaths in the past seven days.After the recently reported death yesterday, the total number of deaths at the three sites managed by the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust now stands at 188.

The total number of patients in hospitals with Covid-19 has fallen by one with 85 at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby, 70 at Scunthorpe General and four more in Goole.

There are now 85 coronavirus patients at Dianna Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby

The pandemic has now claimed 48 lives last month.

Of Grimsby’s 85 patients, five were in intensive care while at Scunthorpe General, seven of the 70 patients were in intensive care.

This represents a slight increase in the number of patients in intensive care with the virus.

Earlier this month, the trust declared a major incident when demand for oxygen skyrocketed as patient numbers skyrocketed at the sites.

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North East Lincolnshire has seen consecutive days of declining numbers of new coronavirus cases, leading many to speculate on the prospect of mingling with family and friends over Christmas.

Yesterday, a local health chief warned that while it looks like we are turning a corner in some respects, we still face a long battle to get back to normalcy.

North East Lincolnshire Council Deputy Director of Public Health Geoff Barnes said: ‘What we have seen in other areas where the case rate is high, such as Leicester which has been suffering for months now, is that it’s easier to get up there in terms of numbers than it is back down.

“This virus will be there all winter and I think we will feel the effects until March at the earliest. ”

“This is good news and we can say we look like we’ve turned a corner, but don’t get carried away. “


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