Angry NHL players have ‘proverbial gun pointed’ at them during the season


Suffice it to say that players are not very happy with the latest changes proposed by the NHL to the new CBA signed in July.Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported earlier Thursday that players were feeling angry and betrayed after receiving two separate offers from the league on Wednesday as part of negotiations for the coming season.

The first was that the salary deferral for the 2020-2021 campaign be pushed back from the previously agreed 10 percent to 20, and the escrow caps from 20 percent to 25.

The second was for deferred pay to be raised to 26 percent for next season, while escrow remains the same as before through CBA years four through six, dropping from six percent to between 8.5 and nine years.

In an appearance Thursday on Tim and SidFrankish agent and lawyer Allan Walsh of Octagon Hockey said the proposals essentially pose a threat with the 2020-21 campaign at stake.

“From the players’ point of view, it has been negotiated. It’s finish. Why are we talking about it again? And why are we talking about this as the footsteps to training camp approach, when we should be talking about the logistics of getting players out of camp starting and having a season, as opposed to having a proverbial gun pointed at the players head for a return to the game right now, ”Walsh said.

Walsh said the ABC negotiated between the NHLPA and the NHL in July represented a range of possibilities and that there was no reason to change at this point, with the league aiming for a January 1 start to the campaign.

“There was a worst-case scenario, a moderate scenario and a best-case scenario considered between the parties when negotiating the agreement, so to come back four months later, when we could envisage the worst-case scenario. case of no fans in buildings or for most of the regular season, and maybe the playoffs, and then say, “Hey, you know the worst case scenario we talked about during bargaining?” Yeah, we’d like a recast on that and we’d like you to carry over another 16 percent and we’d like that in years four, five, and six of the deal you still take three percent a year in escrow. For the sake of giving it all back to us, we’ll let you play the 2020-21 season, ”Walsh said.

“If you ask if there is anger among the players, the answer is: yes,” he added.

Friedman said on Thursday that for January 1 to start to be possible, a deal between the two sides must be reached by the end of the month, noting that the league’s proposals “have turned things upside down” and players will have need a few days to regroup.

However, Walsh is less certain, saying he believes a New Year’s puck bet “is not viable at this point.”

“I don’t believe – despite what we might be hearing now, although now it comes with a little caveat that it’s not set in stone like it used to be – we probably look like more to a mid-January or even the possibility of a start date of February 1, ”he said.


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