An interactive map of England shows how far the coronavirus has spread in your neighborhood


The number of coronavirus cases has continued to rise across England in recent weeks.Using local neighborhood data from the government’s coronavirus dashboard, we were able to dig a little deeper and find out which neighborhoods had the most cases.

These neighborhoods are technically known as Super Mid-Layer Production Zones (MSOA), and each has around 7,200 residents each.

Here is an interactive presentation of each MSOA in England and the number of new coronavirus cases recorded during the week ending November 5.

Data for areas with less than three weekly cases has not been released by Public Health England, to protect individual privacy, and has therefore been left blank.

New data suggests the NHS’s testing and traceability system continues to struggle to reach well over 60% of close contacts of people who test positive for the virus.

Government figures released on Thursday November 12 show that 60.4% of close contacts in England were reached via Test and Trace in the week ending November 4.

This is a very slight increase from 60.2% the week before, and is also just above the all-time low of 60.1% for the week through October 14.

But it’s also the fourth week in a row where the figure is around 60%, after dropping 77.2% in the week ending September 16.

For cases managed by local health protection teams, 99.1 percent of contacts were reached and they were asked to self-isolate in the week leading up to November 4. isolate yourself.


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