Amber says Matt recently confronted her on Facebook with ‘mean’ post after ‘scary’ summer behavior


The last time Married at first sight fans saw Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne together during the Where Are They Now? Special before they storm separately. While Amber says this is the last time the exes officially spoke, she kinda met Matt this summer. And, about a month ago, he messaged her on Facebook.

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Amber says Matt messaged her on Facebook “about a month ago”

Amber and Matt are not friends on Facebook, but the former basketball player messaged his ex.

“He tried to message me something really mean, and honestly I can’t even remember what he was saying,” Amber said. Spectacle Domenick Nati November 12. “But it was something like – it was funny. It was really funny. But it was really nasty.

Amber basically said Matt’s post was something like, “Stop talking about me. Everyone is above the show, so you should get over it.

The teacher says she did not respond.

“I was like, ‘Why am I getting a message from Matthew Gwynne?’ Then I looked at it and thought to myself, “Sure, that would be it. “So I didn’t even answer,” she said. “I just let it roll. It was funny. “

Amber says Matt went out with a woman in his apartment building and a woman in her boyfriend’s apartment building to “continue” [her] nerves’

In her interview with Nati, Amber said that she “couldn’t escape” her ex this summer.

“He was dating someone who lived in my same apartment building all summer,” she says. “But then they broke up. I do not know. But then he was also dating someone in my boyfriend’s building at the same time.

“So he’s dating two women?” asked the radio host.

“Well he was,” Amber replied. “But I think they broke up with him. And it was probably more than two. These were just the two that I knew. Because it was like every time I was in the pool in my apartment, I saw it. And every time I went to the pool at my boyfriend’s apartment, I saw him. It’s like I can’t escape him for a whole summer. It was horrible. It was hilarious, to be honest. Like, of course, he would find Charlotte’s two women who live in my apartment and my boyfriend’s apartment.

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Amber says, initially, that she found her ex’s choice in women “scary,” given that they both lived so close to her and her boyfriend.

“I have the impression that he does everything with spite,” she said. “It’s always just to piss me off. It’s always out of spite. So if anything, it would be out of spite.

While she doesn’t think Matt’s behavior was “stalker,” Amber says she feels her ex was definitely trying to get under her skin.

“He knows where I live,” she said. “He knows exactly where I live. So he knew what he was doing.


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