Almost 80% of Vancouverites Concerned About Crime, Poll Finds


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“However, what we don’t consistently get is an idea of ​​how individuals, families and business owners feel on a daily basis about neighborhood safety. This survey gives us that point of view, ”he told reporters at a press conference on Monday.

In response to the investigation, the Vancouver Police Department established a Neighborhood Response Team “to help restore a sense of safety in areas where we have seen a recent increase in crime.”

The team is made up of community safety officers and staff who were redeployed on November 2 to “respond quickly to messy street problems before they escalate.” They are responsible for attending to public appeals such as disturbances, suspicious circumstances, personal intrusions and mischief, ”Chow said.

“We need to continue to make sure that we are effective and efficient in resourcing and deploying the right people, in the right places, at the right time.”

In its first week of operation, “the team has already been sent to over 200 calls. And they faced things like the weapons seized, the stolen goods they recovered and the stolen bikes, ”Chow said.

“They put people who are experiencing a mental health crisis in touch with our health care teams. And they arrested several people on outstanding warrants. We will continue to respond to concerns about crime as they arise. This new initiative is an immediate measure. But we’re also looking for long-term solutions to help make people who live, work and visit the city feel safe.


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