Alex Jones leads Trump supporters on the march through Georgia’s capital building as senior election official faces death threats


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was among Trump supporters who rallied in and outside the Georgian capital on Wednesday in so-called “Stop the Steal” protests.

Protesters were backing Donald Trump’s unproven and so far baseless claim that he did indeed win the election and that widespread voter fraud is to blame for his loss.

The Georgia recount is due to be completed by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. Joe Biden currently leads Mr. Trump by 14,000 votes.

Brad Raffensperger, the Republican state secretary of state, said he did not expect the results of the recount to overturn Mr Biden’s victory.

Mr Raffensperger claimed GOP officials – including Senator Lindsey Graham – pressured him to avoid legally cast votes in order to help Mr Trump’s chances of re-election. Mr. Graham denied the allegation and called it “ridiculous”.

In addition to pressure from his fellow Republicans, Mr Raffensperger has also received death threats after Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue – both of whom are in the second round of elections in Georgia in January – demanded that he resign after accusing him of running an incompetent election, but without making specific complaints.

According to Fox 5 News, the callers told Mr. Raffensperger’s wife that “your husband deserves to face a firing squad” and that they should be “tried for treason and executed”. One interlocutor told Mr. Raffensperger that he “had better not rush this story” because “his life depends on it”.

On Monday, Mr Jones called on his supporters to travel to Atlanta and “circle the governor’s mansion.”

Video clips shared to Twitter on Wednesday showed Mr Jones and other lesser-known conservative social media figures walking the streets outside the Capitol building in Atlanta, carrying signs and chanting.

At one point, a group of protesters – most of whom were not wearing masks to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus – entered the State Capitol building.

Mr. Jones was one of the small group that entered the building.

Ali Alexander, a former Tea Party political agent and one of the organizers of the ‘Million MAGA March’ over the weekend, was with Mr Jones when protesters marched through the capital and passed the security guards of the building.

Georgian police asked Mr Jones and the protesters to deal with their noise and bring their protest back to the front of the building. After posing for a photoshoot on the stairs of the Capitol, Mr Jones and other figures on the right led their supporters back outside the building before the rally dispersed.


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