Aldi shoppers frustrated as 170,000 line up to buy the Kevin the Carrot toy at 8am


A plush carrot named Kevin is wreaking havoc among Aldi shoppers after the supermarket released the toy that plays in its Christmas ads for sale online this morning.Last year, customers were reported to be arguing over this adorable veg in stores, as desperate fans pushed and scrambled to get their hands on the range of plush toys.

This time around, Aldi initially released Kevin merchandise online only, using an online queue system and limiting each buyer to a maximum of two toys to help manage demand.

But it seems many shoppers seriously underestimated Kevin’s popularity, with many logging in before the 8 a.m. exit time to find more than 150,000 people in line in front of them.

Aldi told customers the range will be available in stores in December

People reported waiting on the website for two and a half hours, only to find that the toys they were looking for were sold out when they passed.

Others shared screenshots of the message they received when they tried to log into the website, with many showing they were assigned a queue number of over 10 million. and stating that there were currently over 150,000 people ahead of them.

Aldi responded to customers who asked when the plush toys would be available in stores to say, “Due to unprecedented demand and to help with social distancing, we are phasing out the Kevin the Carrot merchandise by selling first online at 8 a.m. on Sunday November 15 and in stores from Sunday December 6. ”

Aldi’s preview for this year’s Christmas announcement shows Kevin alongside Lieutenant Turkey, taking inspiration from the hit movie Top Gun.

This year’s toys feature pilot Kevin wearing his helmet, and the product has already appeared on eBay with bids piling up as buyers fear it will miss it altogether.

The full line also includes tree decorations, a gift mug and pajamas.

A spokesperson for Aldi said, “Our Kevin the Carrot soft toys are always incredibly popular. We’ve limited purchases to two plush toys of each character per customer, so as many people as possible have a chance to purchase them. Additional stock will be available in store from December 6. ”


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