Albertans working when symptoms are symptomatic need more support


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“I think some people, if this disease starts on a shift, feel like they have to stay and be okay with it.

If a person develops symptoms while working, they should immediately notify their employer and be allowed to leave their shift, Hinshaw said.

Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr Deena Hinshaw. Photo by Chris Schwarz / Government of Alberta

McGowan stressed the need for greater government support for these workers, saying less than 35 percent of Albertans have paid sick leave, while others are unable to work from home or have insecure jobs.

“(People who work while they are sick) will continue to happen until our governments, both provincial and federal, start giving more support to people so that they can actually follow the directions of the people. public health officials, ”he said.

Inadequate support for workers is a long-standing structural problem, Lexier said, but one that has been exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. She said she hopes the government will reinstate an eviction ban, along with additional financial supports that will remain in place even after the pandemic is over.

“This global health pandemic has really exposed the true societal effects of this situation, which I would say is inhumane treatment of workers in our society at large,” Lexier said.

“If something good can come out of it, we hope we can understand how our systems work and how they force people into circumstances that are detrimental to themselves, but also to society as a whole.

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