Alberta couple make COVID-19 story public after hearing from opponents


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As the number of cases counts and the number of hospitalizations increases again in Alberta, the Carls felt the time had come to go public with their story.

“You feel so guilty, and like – what did I do?” What could I have done differently? ” she says. “There is definitely shame about COVID, as I call it, that is of no use at all. But it’s a real thing.

One thing that strikes close to home for Russ and Luanne is how they could have transmitted the virus to their elderly mothers, who were both in nursing homes.

Speaking in Friday’s provincial COVID-19 update, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said people of all ages were affected by the virus. She noted that two men in their 30s from Edmonton died last week.

“The average age of people in hospital is dropping, and about one in four people who need hospital care for COVID-19 – and one in six in intensive care with COVID-19 – have no pre-existing medical conditions.” , Hinshaw said.

The response to the video has been good, according to Luanne, with only one skeptic to date.

“After chatting for a bit he kind of changed his tone and was pretty sympathetic,” she said.

“Our biggest thing is that we just want people to understand that wearing a mask and keeping your circle tight is easy to do and respectful of your fellow human beings.

“Our rights are not hindered. We just have to master it. ”

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