AEW Nixed Marijuana Jokes at Inner Circle Las Vegas


The Inner Circle traveled to Las Vegas as a team building mission after MJF and Wardlow joined the group. They had fun and ran into Konnan. The marijuana jokes were pretty apparent, but AEW dismissed direct references to weed.
The Inner Circle stepped out of a limousine filled with smoke. Konnan explained on Keeping It 100 that they don’t roast marshmallows. The problem was that despite Chris Jericho’s attempts, AEW dismissed all references to marijuana.

“If we open a limo and smoke comes out, what do you think we’re doing over there, roasting marshmallows?” … I’ll give Chris credit. He tried. We tried to do the roll up sign. We tried to have a blunt. We tried to say “flame one”. Brother, they had a legal Jacksonville Jaguar daughter there and they’re like, no, no, no, no. So in the end, I just said, “why not say that I always have the best things.” … We couldn’t do any of this, but Chris tried. He tried to push the boundaries because he even said, “What are you doing, Iranian tobacco? Say that, your fans will know. ”

AEW obviously didn’t want to run the risk of blowing himself up over drug referrals. Marijuana is a legal drug in many states, and Nevada is one of them. It’s legal to smoke weed in Las Vegas, but they just can’t show it on Dynamite.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote


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