Aaron Rodgers accepts challenge of potentially playing without top 3 RBs


The Green Bay Packers prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday night without their first three running backs.

Prospects for Aaron Jones to return this week after injury do not look good, NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported. Rookie RB AJ Dillon has tested positive for COVID-19, and replacement Jamaal Williams is out after coming in close contact with his teammate.

If Jones can’t turn the corner quickly, the Packers will head to the prime-time game with Tyler Ervin and Dexter Williams as potential point guards.

Aaron Rodgers is not worried about the circumstances under which the offense is committed for week 9.

“I think as a competitor you’re always excited about challenges,” Rodgers said, via the team’s official website. “You wish you had your guys in there at full blast, sure, but there’s this fun challenge to go in without some of these guys and try to find a way to win. ”

The Packers have overcome missing star Davante Adams for two games this season and second receiver Allen Lazard for four games, relying on Jones and Jamaal Williams.

Rodgers knows the Packers will have to find another new way to move the ball this week.

“I don’t think we’re ever crippled by some of the things we’ve done,” Rodgers said Tuesday. “We had to mix up some staff and move guys around to try to get our best players out on the pitch and give us advantages through the use of staff. It won’t change.

“I think that’s the beauty of what (coach) Matt (LaFleur) and the attacking staff have been doing this year is come up with some creative ways to bring our best guys onto the pitch and put them in position to put the balloon in space; it is no different. the week. ”

Rodgers also provided his own screening report for Dexter Williams and Ervin.

“I love Dex,” Rodgers said. “Dex has a great attitude. He did a good job growing up on offense and feeling more comfortable with controls and his responsibilities when it comes to blocking passes and runs.

“Looks like he’s a bit more settled this year and feels more confident. ”

On Ervin: “He can do a lot. He can play catcher. He can be our flight options guy. He can play in the backfield. With these two guys in protocol, we’re going to have to make him play an even bigger role this week to make sure we have our best players on the pitch. ”

The only good side of Green Bay, of which the back room is not the only one to miss; they face an even more upset Niners team. San Francisco will suit Thursday night without its starting QB, tight star, No.1 receiver, top running back, star defensive ends and top corner, among others.

The NFL is a holdover of the fittest league. With the COVID-19 risk, the team that best manages health would always have an advantage.

The Packers have a chance to show once again that they can win without many of their best weapons. It helps when Rodgers is playing at the MVP level.


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