A quashed Wyatt / Reigns feud led to the Wobbling Walrus disappearance


Photo credit: Fansided.com

Those still mourning the tragic loss of Friendship Frog, a longtime collaborator of Firely Fun House, may wonder what happened to the last new puppet friend to enter Wyatt’s realm. Wobbly Walrus, which was an animal parody of Paul Heyman, made his SmackDown debut shortly after Roman Reigns returned to the Blue Mark as Heyman’s new protege. The character apparently pointed to an upcoming battle between The Fiend and The Big Dog, but nothing came of it and we could now find out why.

As mentioned in the last edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), there was a planned feud that allegedly saw Wyatt take revenge on Reigns by pinning him and capturing the Universal Title. Instead, Wyatt transferred to RAW and began targeting Randy Orton, who torched the Wyatt compound several years ago. This was done to protect Roman from potentially damaging scenarios, as described in the Newsletter as follows:

“There are forces working to protect Reigns from bad bookings and the idea that a feud with Wyatt will do him no favor.”

Wyatt’s feuds have at times been uneven since his reinvention as The Fiend, and WWE fans were already worried about mixing the newly born Reigns into a feud with Wyatt before moving on to RAW. It seems these concerns are shared with some behind the scenes, and they could even extend to a feud with current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre given his character’s success. If so, Wyatt could be out of the world title image of both shows in the immediate future.

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