A couple transforms an ordinary semi into a dream home in a few months


A Liverpool couple completely transformed their 1930s semi-detached house and made it an ‘amazing’ Instagram-worthy home. After getting the keys to their new home in December 2019, they managed to completely renovate the South Liverpool home to make it almost unrecognizable.

The couple, who wish to be known only as Lucy and Steve, began documenting their renovation on Instagram @ our_liverpool_home, in order to judge how far they have come.

But they quickly began to build a base of subscribers who wanted to see their dream come true.

Lucy told ECHO: “It was just to document us, our families were bored that we were constantly sending WhatsApp messages with pictures.

The kitchen before and after

The ‘cozy’ before and after

“So we thought about creating one and keeping it private, but it started to grow so we decided to commit to it and start labeling and knowing where we were getting things from.

“The community is so beautiful, everyone is so positive and friendly and it’s a really cool place to put pictures of what you’ve been doing.”

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She added, “Anyone can do it, we don’t get freebies and ads or anything like that, it’s just a rewarding thing to do because it’s a great community and we love them. feedback and comments.

“It’s a nice feeling, especially when you are not allowed to enter your house, we have friends and family who cannot come to visit you but are always keen to see what it is like. the House. So it’s a great way.

The bathroom before and after

Their Instagram followers are blown away by their renovations, including a complete overhaul of their bathroom and laundry room.

Commenting on their bathroom, a @major_wrenovation follower said, “Wow. Like this is the best transformation I love these floor tiles and the little recessed tile for the shower, I wish I had done that. It’s just fabulous ”

Another @homewiththepeas added: “Love the little hole in the shower wall x amazing transformation. “

The laundry room before and after

Speaking of the laundry room, a third user, @at_home_with_the_hayes, said, “Oh, that looks fabulous. I love statement tiles and they are fabulous. ”

In addition to renovating the existing rooms, the couple also changed the old entrance to the kitchen into an additional bathroom under the stairs.

The old living room, dining room and kitchen were also demolished to create an open plan design.

The hangar before and after

Lucy said fans always seem to be in awe of the hangar and the ceiling of the “cozy” room.

She said: “P People are surprised by the painted ceiling in the cozy and they love the shed that has been dressed.

“But Steve did them himself. People say ‘oh this is amazing’ and ask ‘who did it for you? », It always elicits a good reaction. ”

Lucy and Steve offer advice on their page and interact with other renovators looking for advice.

The hall and the staircase before and after

Steve said one of the most important tips he would give would be to find a builder you trust and always go over budget.

He said: “We bought this house because we decided it was the place we wanted.

“You have to be in the right place and then you can do whatever you want with what you have.

“So we got the location we wanted first and then we made the house what we wanted to be.

“I would also say be generous with the budget if you can, to let things slide, because we got a big quote from the builder, but there’s everything that goes on top of it.

“Even when it comes to paint and tile, it adds up so quickly.

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“The builder does the plasterwork but forgets the final touches”

While the Liverpool couple have already completed their house a lot, they have said it is far from over.

Steve said: “It’s certainly not over, as we also have two young children, so it’s a very slow process.”

Lucy said: “All the decoration we do ourselves, that’s why it takes time. But our builder does all the main things.

“We try to do local shopping, it’s a little more expensive when it’s local but we invest in the region and then we advertise it on our account.”

The bedroom before and after

She added: “It went pretty fast but there are so many parts that haven’t been touched, we are selective with the camera angles.

“The front room is next door and the little one will be six months old at Christmas, so we have to move her to the guest room, so we have a small room for boys and girls and we would like to start from the front. , but it’s for 2022. ”

You can follow Lucy and Steve’s home trip on their Instagram page @our_liverpool_home


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