2021 Land Rover Defender annihilates former defender in tug of war


Tug of war – historically a competition between groups of strong men, sometimes wearing skirts. But if you’re talking about cars, that means two people are trying to prove their SUV has better pulling power. It’s quite unnecessary and very entertaining at the same time and today Carwow has lined up the two generations of the Land Rover Defender.

The pride of Britain is based on the result of this video. Land Rover’s new Defender must compete with a variety of powerful American rivals, including the Wrangler and Bronco. However, there is no hope that this will happen if the new Land Rover loses against an old one. Even though these two models are only five or six years apart in terms of production, the technology is literally decades apart. . If you want to see more, there’s an older video where the two dragsters climb a hill.People like to put supercharged V8s in the old Defender because it’s cool, but this one has the stock engine, a 2.2-liter with around 122 horsepower. The gearbox and the AWD The system is old technology. Compared to the farm tractor, the 2021 Defender is a spaceship. It comes with a bunch of advanced computer systems that determine where the power from the 240-horsepower 2.0-liter engine should go.

it’s also a lot heavier, which would be bad in a drag race, but it helps a lot to keep the tires from spinning in a standoff. As everyone expects, the modern Defender easily pulls the old one. A lot of people will get it with a six-cylinder engine, and there are plans for a limited edition V8 model as well. But give it a few more decades and people will forget all about the 2021 version of the SUV while the classic is an irreplaceable icon. Treat your elders with respect!

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