10 strangest wrestlers from the past appeared in character outside of wrestling


To generate more interest in their products with a wider outside audience, professional wrestling companies often send their top performers to make a good impression on mainstream TV shows and at popular events. From signatures to spots broadcast on the network, professional wrestlers are far from strangers to the media spectrum shining outside the square circle.When wrestlers show up in full personality, they have the chance to reap all the rewards for additional exposure. However, they also run the risk of damaging their characters in the ring beyond repair and even tarnishing their employer’s image.

While seeing performers keeping their gadgets out of the ring isn’t a total rarity, the way superstars are used during their appearances is more often than not questionable.

Every once in a while you’ll see a superstar hitting a home run out of the ring while keeping kayfabe, pleasing their promoters by generating a buzz. Sadly, most of these appearances fail to achieve any ideal goal and leave viewers wondering what is going on in the world before their eyes. Or worse, viewers are completely unaware of what is being promoted.


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