10 NBA Draft targets the Raptors could aim for with the No.29 pick


Armed with the No.29 pick in Wednesday’s NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptors have plenty of options on their hands in a draft that’s billed as a light on the overwhelming power of the stars but still heavy on a lot of talent at all. levels.As such, while picking the penultimate in the first round doesn’t sound very exciting, due to the nature of this draft the Raptors could end up with a really good player and there are plenty of choices.

The same could be said of their second-round pick at No.59, where there are seemingly endless possibilities for the Raptors.

Still, the shine, as always, is in the first round and it looks like almost any player, perhaps outside of the top 10, could be in play for the Raptors at No.29. So to help reduce the targets You might want to keep an eye out for draft night, here are 10 prospects the Raptors might consider.

Desmond Bane

A six-foot-six, 215-pound TCU senior guard, Bane is an attentive and defensively responsible player who fits the mold of underdog older prospects like Norman Powell and Fred VanVleet.

While not an explosive athlete and not having the kind of length you would ideally like to see from a three and D wing potential, Bane would still make a good selection as a player who can contribute immediately. He shot 44.2% from three points on about 6.5 attempts per game in college and was named First-Team All-Big 12.

There are more exciting names on this list, but don’t confuse Bane’s relative safety with a lack of ability. He has a lot of them.

Tyler Bey

Not to be confused with Villanova sophomore Saddiq Bey – expected to be in the lottery or just outside – Tyler Bey is a six-foot-seven, 216-pound junior from Colorado.

He mainly played the wing, but thanks to his high motor and relentless effort on the glass, Bey could imagine seeing a small ball four times at the next level.

In college, Bey averaged 13.8 points and nine rebounds per game as named Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year.

Bey brings great length, agility and strength to the table to impact the defensive end but will need to improve as a shooter. He shot 41.9% out of three last season – a fine mark – but he only managed a total of 31 three-point attempts in Colorado’s 31-game season, which means that percentage is a bit misleading as to its actual shot. aptitude.

Isaiah Joe

Joe is a six-foot-five, 180-pound goalie from Arkansas who said he tried to model his game after Klay Thompson and Buddy Hield – snipers who prefer to move without the ball to open up and let fly. when the ball hits their hands.

A knee injury limited Joe to just 26 games played last season and he saw his draft supply plummet as he posted below-par stats in a second year where he was likely asked to go. overdoing it a little too much, averaging 16.9 points out of a poor 36.7 to one. shot of a hundred.

However, the stat count doesn’t tell the whole story with Joe, as he was a volume shooter, averaging around 10.6 three points per game, the vast majority of his stares coming from outside. As previously mentioned, Joe was probably asked to do too much for the Razorbacks last season, but that wouldn’t be the case with the Raptors, where his usage would obviously drop and his averages could return to par.

According to Maledon

A 19-year-old six-foot-five, 176-pound French point guard prospect, Maledon has seen his stock drop significantly since the start of the year, and that could be to the benefit of the Raptors.

As detailed by Evan Rosser of Sportsnet in his profile of Patrick EngelbrechtRaptors, director of world scouting and international affairs, Toronto has been watching Maledon for some time and likely won’t be swayed through recency through impressive workouts from other prospects if he is available.

As a pick, Maledon might be a bit risky as he’s probably not ready for the NBA just yet, but he features tall stature, length and natural vision for a point guard so young, and his advantage could be immense.

The Raptors have a great player development program that they could put him on if they decide to bring him in from France. Otherwise, he could be a draft and reserve candidate as he gains experience in the best league in France in one of the best teams in ASVEL.

Jaden McDaniels

A hyped-up prospect who failed to live up to expectations in his one year in Washington, McDaniels took a heavy toll on his draft stock, but there’s a chance the top 10 talent he held. rest.

McDaniels is unlikely to last until No.29, but if he does, the Raptors would have a heck of a talent in their hands with skills similar to new man max Pascal Siakam.

McDaniels is a six-foot-nine, 200-pound forward whose game right now leans more towards the perimeter. He has excellent shooting mechanics and with his size and length, he can get his shot to go up on just about any defender. Plus, McDaniels has an explosive first step and a tight grip that allows him to shake loose guys by checking him in to set up drives to the basket and pull-ups.

He has serious strength issues that he may never resolve, but, like Siakam was when he first came to the league, McDaniels is a top athlete with many skills that just couldn’t be unexploited in college, but that could translate into the NBA. level.

Jahmi’us Ramsey

Ramsey is a six-foot-four, 195-pound, brick-house built first-year goalie from Texas Tech who won the Big 12 Fresman of the Year honors last season after a stellar season that saw him average 15 points per game and shoot 42.6% deep on just over five attempts per fight.

Having just turned 19 in June, Ramsey still has a long way to go in his development and that’s why he could be an intriguing top-level game for the Raptors at No.29. He already has the strength and physique to. playing in the NBA, and seems to have the shot and athleticism to be successful too.

What Ramsey will need is more aggression, however. For a player with his kind of physical gifts, he was seen to be content with jumpers too often in college when he had the opportunity to drive the ball to the hole, especially against lighter guards trying to control it.

Isaiah Stewart

A tall, muscular old-school man who is most comfortable playing indoors, Stewart has a nonstop engine and what he currently lacks is hope that his natural work ethic will eventually be able to consolidate some of the glaring holes in his game.

Stewart has just finished his first year in Washington where he averaged 17 points, 8.8 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game and was named First-Team All-Pac-12. He already has an advanced post-match and was an inside terror in college.

Where Stewart needs to improve is as a passer, as he’s downright terrible right now, and the jury is still out on whether he can become a good shot. He’s shot over 77% from the free throw line in college, indicating the mechanics are there to make him decent, but there’s never a guarantee.

Tyrell Terry

Where Terry ends up is a mystery. Some fake draws get him into the lottery, some in the range the Raptors choose and even lower, and the reason is simple.

Although Terry is among the most qualified players in the draft as one of the most advanced passer and a shooter with almost unlimited reach, he weighs only six-foot-three and 170 pounds, which means he will be a little undersized at times. in terms of height and resistance at the NBA level.

Granted, there have been some special players with his physical and skill comparables, notably Stephen Curry and Trae Young, but Terry didn’t appreciate the kind of college career that these two did.

He’s had a great freshman season, averaging 14.6 points and shooting over 40% from the field, but nothing quite like the masterclass years Curry and Young hosted in Davidson and Oklahoma. .

Still, the talent is there, and if he’s still on the set at No.29, the Raptors could certainly do worse.

Xavier Tillman

An undersized and muscular classic tall man with a lot to offer a team if given a chance, Tillman is six feet tall at 245 pounds and brings intelligence and a work ethic to the table.

Tillman appears ready to step in and immediately contribute at the NBA level. He poses hard screens, is an adept passer and a strong defender, both individually and as a team.

He was named the Top 10 Defensive Players of the Year this season and has a little more seasoning advantage than most Michigan State players as a junior.

The big question mark with Tillman is whether he can shoot the ball as he’s never shown much offensive talent, but regardless of that, Tillman would be a solid and safe choice for the Raptors as he would think of entering instantly in a role of backup center if one of Serge Ibaka and / or Marc Gasol goes in free agency.

Cassius Winston

Michigan State leader for the past four years, Winston is a six foot one, 185 pound main point guard who has an excellent pedigree, but who is screened as a second round pick because he doesn’t is not an explosive athlete and could be taken advantage of. defense because of its size.

Funny thing, though – a certain Raptor playmaker who is around six feet tall, isn’t overly athletic, and has been criticized for his height as a passive six-time all-star and the tallest player in the world. franchise history, and had a very good career in the NBA.

Look, that doesn’t mean Winston is going to be another Kyle Lowry, but the comparison is there as both players are natural leaders and winners with an insatiable desire to compete with a knack for improving those around them.

Lowry will be 35 this coming season and there’s a chance VanVleet could go in free agency, so taking on a proven playmaker might not be a bad idea for the Raptors.


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