10 Best Roomba Black Friday Deals From Amazon, Walmart, Target And More


No one likes housework; our disdain for sweeping and vacuuming is right there in the word “chore”. And while robot vacuums haven’t completely eliminated the chore of keeping our floors clean, they can do an awful lot of work for us. And as anyone who has ever owned a robot vacuum can tell you, it is incredibly liberating to leave robots responsible for mundane household cleaning. If you’ve decided that it’s finally time to experience it for yourself, you’re in luck: Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals mean now is an especially good time to buy a vacuum cleaner. Roomba robot or similar.
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While there was a time when Roomba was almost the only vacuum robot game in town, these days iRobot’s Roombas aren’t the only robot vacuums you can buy. They are not the cheapest either. In recent years, an army of competitors from companies like Eufy, Ecovacs, Shark, Roborock, and Neabot, to name a few, have started to offer similar robots, often at a lower cost.

Nevertheless, iRobot’s many Roomba models are still very popular. Not only did Roomba essentially invent the modern robot vacuum, but online reviews show it to be reliable and reliable, essential for a workhorse you could use every day. And Roomba continues to innovate. iRobot was the first company to introduce a robot vacuum capable of emptying its own waste, and now sells several of these models, like the Roomba i3 + and the Roomba s9 +. There are plenty of companies offering similar features these days – look no further than the Shark IQ RV1001AE, now on sale for just $ 320. But these cheaper models probably wouldn’t exist without the early self-draining Roombas.

Whatever Roomba model you’re interested in, from a simple, low-cost vacuum like the $ 199 Roomba 614 to a fully self-draining model like the Roomba s9 +, there are some great Black Friday deals going on a big one. number of retailers. We’ve rounded up the best of the best and be sure to keep an eye out for this article as we’ll keep him updated on Roomba deals as they happen.

Offres du Black Friday Roomba: Roomba 614

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The Roomba 614 is one of the more affordable Roomba models, but it’s still a very capable robot cleaner. It can navigate both hardwood floors and carpets with a three-step cleaning system designed to loosen and lift dirt that otherwise would not be vacuumed into the vacuum. It also has a suite of sensors to detect dirt and intelligently switch to a deeper cleaning mode. When complete, it automatically finds its way back to the charging station, with approximately 90 minutes of runtime between charges.

This is a great ‘starter’ robot vacuum cleaner, but keep in mind that it lacks some of the features you’ll find in more expensive models. The Roomba 614 doesn’t include Wi-Fi, so you can’t program or control it from a mobile app, and you can’t set up virtual walls to prevent it from entering certain rooms.

Offres du Black Friday Roomba: Roomba 670

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a robot vacuum. iRobot offers a few entry-level models that clean efficiently, but don’t have a lot of extra high-tech capabilities. Case in point: the hard-to-beat Roomba 670 at $ 170 still offers connectivity to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, auto-return to the docking station for auto-charging, and voice control with Google Home. It can also handle carpets and hardwood floors.

Offres du Black Friday Roomba: Roomba 675

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Here’s a healthy discount on one of iRobot’s cheapest vacuum cleaners with Wi-Fi, which means you can inexpensively get a model that can be programmed, voice controlled through Alexa and Google Assistant, and is compatible with optional virtual barriers that you can use without problems. uncleaned areas. The Roomba 675 features iRobot’s three-step cleaning system and can adaptively navigate your home, bypassing obstacles it encounters with its 90-minute battery.

Offres du Black Friday Roomba: Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 is able to clean your entire home with its ability to flip the docking station over and charge it, then resume work until it’s done. It has five times the suction power of a standard robot vacuum and can be programmed and controlled via your smartphone thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi.

Offres du Black Friday Roomba: Roomba i3 +

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One of the biggest innovations in years has been self-emptying trash cans, but the first new vacuums to include this feature cost four figures. The Roomba i3 + drains for a much more affordable price of $ 600, and Black Friday sales make that price even more appealing. Already you can save $ 50, but better deals are likely to come. This model can take care of itself for as long as two months of regular vacuuming before you need to replace the bag, and includes a responsive sensor that knows better when it can’t reach a certain spot, so it gets stuck less often.

If you want to take advantage of the Roomba i3’s capabilities without the self-draining docking station, you can get the i3 on its own. Like the i3 +, it is Wi-Fi enabled for Alexa support and mobile app control. It’s also powerful enough to handle pet hair, rated at 10 times the power of a standard Roomba.

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Offres du Black Friday Roomba: Roomba i7 +

The Roomba i7 + is slightly reduced in price, which is good news if you want one of iRobot’s best self-draining models; only the s9 + has more features. One of the best features the i7 + has to offer is the ability to go directly to specific rooms for spot cleaning, so you can tell Alexa or Google Assistant to clean the kitchen, and Roomba goes straight there, cleans and returns to empty in its original base. It’s also best that most robots don’t get stuck, and you can use the mobile app to create custom cleaning zones and no-go zones.

Offres du Black Friday Roomba: Roomba s9 +

Typically, the most expensive robot vacuum on the market, the Roomba s9 +, iRobot’s top-of-the-line model, gets a 23% discount. Even considering the sale, the s9 + will have a massive impact on your wallet, but it’s a powerful and capable vacuum for the price. It has more horsepower than any other Roomba – iRobot claims to have 40 times the suction of its base models. It also has a unique shape which helps it clean corners better than most other robot vacuums.

This is in addition to all of Roomba’s other premium features: Wi-Fi lets you control it via the mobile app or by voice with Google Assistant or Alexa. The vacuum maps your entire home and you can mark clean areas and no-go areas. And you can send the s9 + directly to specific rooms or locations for spot cleaning.

Offres du Black Friday Roomba: Braava 380t

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The Braava 380t can sweep or mop your floors just like Roomba vacuums. It’s designed for hardwood, tile, and stone, and can go under and around furniture like the Roomba, and it can automatically avoid rugs. The 380t packs a quarter-gallon tank for cleaning and runs virtually silent, which can be a welcome relief if you also have a Roomba rolling around your homes.

The Braava Jet 245 is a dedicated robot mop with a vibrating cleaning head, the ability to clean either wet or damp, and with dry sweep modes. Wi-Fi enabled, it can optionally be controlled via iRobot’s mobile app. And unlike most robotic mops that only work with water, the Braava Jet 245 can use iRobot’s custom scented cleaning solution.

More Black Friday robot vacuum deals

Do you want to discover other brands? Many other brands and models are also on sale for Black Friday. See below for current offers on robot vacuums from iRobot Roomba’s biggest competitors.

Shark ION Robot® R76 Vacuum, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Multi-Surface Cleaning – Black / Navy

Samsung POWERbot ™ intelligent robot vacuum with visionary Mapping ™ in satin titanium

Aspirateur robot multi-surfaces Ecovacs DEEBOT N79W

When is Black Friday?

Now! By tradition, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. But all of the big brands and retailers have had a head start on the sale this year, with some starting as early as early November. All the major stores have held online and in-store sales events throughout the month, and you can get great deals on Roombas and other robot vacuums right now. But keep in mind that sales will slow down over the weekend, with one final explosion on Monday, November 30, Cyber ​​Monday.

Do I want until Cyber ​​Monday to buy electronics?

No! There is no benefit to waiting for the Monday after Black Friday, the so-called Cyber ​​Monday sale of November 30. While there are still sales, they usually won’t be as good as you can get anytime between now and Black Friday itself. In addition, you run the risk that the model you want is sold out. The word this year is to buy as soon as you see the item you want at a good price.


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