You can remap the new buttons on the Chromecast’s Netflix and YouTube remote


The new Chromecast with Google TV is the first Chromecast to have a dedicated remote, and it comes with additional useful buttons for the Assistant, YouTube, and Netflix. Voice control will probably be useful for almost everyone, but what if you don’t use YouTube and Netflix often enough to justify that extra space on the remote? Ultimately, there is an option and an app for it.

If you just want to remap the YouTube button to another related service, it’s as easy as it gets. Press and hold the button, and a menu will appear that allows you to “select your favorite YouTube app” – see the screenshot below. You can choose between the preinstalled YouTube app and YouTube TV, and if you’ve installed YouTube Kids and YouTube Music (if you even want to call it an app), those will show up in the menu as well.

The Netflix button can’t be remapped by default, but thanks to Android’s open nature, a third-party app does the trick. Button Mapper allows you to assign custom options to different buttons, including the one from Netflix. In our testing, we were able to turn the Netflix shortcut into a screenshot button, but the options are pretty much endless: you can launch any app or shortcut, disable the button completely, switch to the last active app. , and more. Just note that some features are only available in the Pro variant of Button Mapper. The app should work for any other button on the remote as well, so go ahead – just remember which button is which when you do.

The latest version of Button Mapper is available on the Play Store and APK Mirror.

Button Mapper: remap your keys
Button Mapper: remap your keys


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