Yankees troll rays after winning the ALDS play in New York, New York during field celebrations


The Tampa Bay Rays went out of their way to really rub in their ALDS win over the New York Yankees on Friday. As the celebrations came after beating their Division rivals 2-1 in Game 5 (score from the box) on the field, they added an extra tee shot with the game of “New York, New York”.

The Yankees play the famous Frank Sinatra song after the wins at Yankees Stadium. James Wagner of the New York Times posted a video on Twitter of the Tampa Bay team reveling in the music at Petco Park in San Diego.

It didn’t stop there. As the celebrations continued, another famous song about New York City hit the speakers: « Empire State of Mind » par Jay-Z et Alicia Keys. Although not used officially for the Yankees, it is the most notable modern song about town, so the intended mockery still works.

As you might expect, there was less happiness among the losers. Director Aaron Boone called the result “horrible” and added “the end is cruel”. American League Home Run Champion Luke you said, “I hate this feeling. It sucks. Relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman, who gave up the kickoff to Mike Brosseau in the bottom of the eighth, called it “frustrating”. It was all said like tunes about the city they are playing in on the field, although Aaron Judge said nobody on the Yankees heard it.

The Rays finally moved off the mocking playlist and moved on to celebrating what they had truly accomplished that night: a berth in the American League Championship Series against the Houston Astros. They are only four victories away from a place in the World Series, and the time between now and the start of the next series will require intense focus and preparation. But before we dive into all this, there is time to dance.


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