Y The Last Man Cast updated as FX / Hulu Show Beings shoot


Olivia Thirlby and Ashley Romans join Y The Last Man.

Olivia Thirlby and Ashley Romans join Y The Last Man.
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Y: The last man to me a long, long, long travel to a screen near you and now, finally, it’s really happening. FX announced that the newly redesigned Y: The last man TV shows has started production in Toronto, and a few new cast members are here for the ride.

Actress Ashley Romans (NOS4A2) remplace Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel) as Agent 355, a secret agent who accompanies Yorick, the last titular man, on his journey. Also, Olivia Thirlby (Dredd) remplace Imogen Poots (Green room) as Hero Brown, Yorick’s sister, who happens to be looking for him.

The title role is still played by Ben Schnetzer, who was announced in February to replace original star Barry Keoghan. At that point, the series was about to go into production – but covid-19 has arrived, which likely forced this latest round of overhauls. FX did the rest of the official casting also with the news, and it is as follows:

  • Diane Lane as Congressman Jennifer Brown
  • Diana Bang as Dr. Allison Mann
  • Juliana Canfield as Beth Deville
  • Elliot Fletcher as Sam Jordan
  • Amber Tamblyn comme Kimberly Cunningham
  • Marin Ireland as Nora Brady

Of course, Y: The last man is based on the Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra comic which ran for 60 issues from 2002 to 2008, telling the story of Yorick’s life shattered when he one day wakes up to find that a viral illness has apparently wiped out all male mammals on the planet except for himself (and an ape named Ampersand – who will now be CGI in the series).

G / O Media can get commission

Since the conclusion of the beloved Vertigo series, many filmmakers such as DJ Caruso and Dan Trachtenberg have tried to bring it to the big screen to no avail. Then, in 2015, Hunger games producer Nina Jacobson teamed up with FX to develop it like a TV show. Three years later a pilot was filmed and the show was ordered in series– however, the showrunners then left, a new showrunner (Eliza Clark) got on board, and that’s before arriving at Keoghan’s aforementioned departure and recent delay in filming.

With the new showrunner and new lead, things are going Back to the drawing board, which culminated in the show that just restarted filming this week. Fortunately, this time it’s the charm?

Y: The last man will debut on Hulu, via FX, sometimes next year.

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