WWE News: Alexa Bliss appears on Firefly Fun House, wrestling birthdays, stock dropping


– Alexa Bliss got a little murderous on Raw as this week’s Firefly Fun House guest. On tonight’s show, a Alice in Wonderland– episode of the Bray Wyatt segment aired in which Bliss served Ramblin ‘Rabbit tea. It was eventually revealed that the tea contained arsenic and Ramblin ‘collapsed. After a few back and forths, Bliss noted that she was interviewing Randy Orton on A Moment of Bliss and Wyatt went into a runaway state, ultimately beating Ramblin ‘still alive into oblivion:

– Happy Birthday to CM Punk (42), Kevin Sullivan (71), Kurrgan (51) and Taka Michinoku (47), all celebrating their birthdays on Monday.

– WWE stock closed at $ 37.65 on Monday, down $ 0.63 (1.65%) from the previous close price. This marks the stock’s lowest closing point since it ended the day at $ 37.46 on April 13. The market as a whole is up 0.25% on the day.


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