Worrisome rise in coronavirus cases in New York continues


KEW GARDENS, Queens – The recent spike in coronavirus cases is the biggest resurgence threat New York City has seen since the March pandemic.In Brooklyn and Queens, the red zones of several clusters are neighborhoods that account for more than 25% of COVID-19 cases citywide, according to the city’s health department.

The city and state have taken action, implementing a plan that shuts down schools and businesses and limits the capacity of places of worship in the hardest-hit areas.

In Kew Gardens, one of the red zones, restaurant owner Nick Karas urged his fellow citizens to follow the rules.

“Everyone has to follow city protocol. We need to. We have to do it, ”he said. “We have no choice at the moment. We have to survive, so we have to do what we have to do. ”

Karas said he couldn’t afford another full stop. For him, take out orders aren’t enough to stay open.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, meanwhile, said the days of warnings were over and the enforcement of the new restrictions was needed.

De Blasio said that if the resurgence is not stopped now, it will consume the entire city.

As the NYPD leads a team of other city agencies to enforce security measures, the department is battling its own coronavirus resurgence.

There were 36 agents who called in sick last week. Five officers from the 48th arrondissement and four officers from the 71st arrondissement have tested positive for COVID-19, PIX11 has learned.


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