Woman in her 30s dies from COVID-19; Alberta reports 243 more cases


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Dr Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, explained Tuesday that this was in part due to outbreaks at Foothills Medical Center in Calgary and Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton.

Hinshaw said she continues to closely monitor the number of hospitalizations to monitor the ability of the acute care system to handle the spike in hospital cases and admissions.

“As I said before, one of the best ways to limit cases in schools, hospitals and continuing care is to limit transmission within the community. COVID-19 is a difficult virus to contain, and the more cases and spread we see in our communities, the more likely it becomes that we will see it in other places as well, ”Hinshaw said.

No new cases were identified in connection with the outbreaks at Foothills Medical Center on Wednesday. A total of 45 patients, 37 health workers and five visitors have tested positive since the start of the epidemic, and 11 patients have died.

Hinshaw said the cause of the outbreak has still not been determined.

“AHS has worked very, very hard to contain the spread and ensure that continued transmission is stopped, and that all risks to patients, staff or visitors are contained,” Hinshaw said.

According to Alberta Health, 964 Albertans have been hospitalized with COVID-19 and 177 of them required intensive care. The average age of COVID-19 cases hospitalized since the start of the pandemic to today is 61, ranging from less than a year to 102, and the average age requiring intensive care is also 61 years, ranging from four years to 89 years.

In Wednesday’s update, AHS said 80% of the 45 postponed surgeries at Foothills Medical Center were postponed.

The 243 newly identified cases come from 14,881 tests completed on Tuesday. Alberta Health has confirmed 21,199 cases of COVID-19 and 18,223 recoveries.

Of the active cases, 1,473 are in the Edmonton area, compared to 791 in the Calgary area, 177 in the South area, 124 in the North area and 108 in the Central area.


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