Woman distraught after ordering cake that looks “like it was made by a child”


The cake arrived (Photo: BiPM MEDIA)

A woman took to Facebook to express her disappointment at ordering a “professional” cake that arrived completely different from what she asked for.

Sam Faulkner, of Reading, contacted a local baker looking for a cake similar to the one she had seen on Pinterest made by London-based company Caker Street.

The cake, which was for her husband’s 30th birthday, was said to feature reeds, jumping fish, a rod and a wooden sign announcing happy birthday.

After the baker, who was called Emma Beth Mh on Facebook but has now deleted her profile, accepted the order, Sam agreed to pay the £ 50 shown.

But when the cake arrived, it looked absolutely nothing like the inspiration pic and was apparently covered in dog hair as well.

Sam’s mother, Sue Faulkner, posted pictures of the cake to a local band, and was later interviewed by Berkshire Live, saying, “My daughter was upset when she opened the box. It didn’t look anything like the picture.

It was supposed to be a dock with reeds and stones (Photo: BiPM MEDIA)

“She had paid half the money for the cake to this woman and what came back appeared to have been made by a child. Honestly, it was ridiculously bad.

“The name Graham didn’t even have a capital letter, it was so bad.

After sharing a post detailing the incident, Sue was contacted by several other people who had ordered cakes from the same baker with equally disappointing results.

Woman distraught after ordering £ 50 cake that looks 'like it was made by a child'

The Caker Street cake that was sent to the baker for inspiration (Photo: Cakers Street)

The family also tried to get in touch with Emma Beth Mh, but soon found out they were stuck and the page was eventually deleted.

Sam was able to get £ 15 of his money back, but brought the matter up to negotiation standards so the others were not trapped as well.

Sue added: “She is clearly not a real pastry chef. We can now see the fun side of it afterwards, but at the time we were very upset.

“Even though we laughed about it, I still want to warn people that this fake pastry chef is producing these monstrosities and making people pay for these terrible cake attempts.” ”

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