Woman, 25, fights for life after falling 100 feet from fairground ride in Australia


A WOMAN is fighting for her life after falling 100 feet from the top of a fairground ride in Australia today.

Horrified visitors were heard screaming after the 25-year-old fell from a merry-go-round called ‘The Hangover’ at a fair in Cairns today.


A trip safety investigation will be launchedCredit: News Corp Australia
She fell 100 feet from the route dubbed “The Hangover”Credit: News Corp Australia

She fell at the Cairns ShowFest before getting “trapped” in the merry-go-round mechanism which rotates passengers 360 degrees.

Onlookers say they heard her scream, “I’m falling” before she slipped off the seat.

The Queensland Ambulance and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services released the woman, but she had already suffered “serious head and spine injuries”.

Critical care paramedic Denis O’Sullivan told media it was “chaotic” when he arrived at the scene.

He said: “There were a number of people worried… in these kinds of incidents it’s good that everyone come back and let people do their jobs.

“The lady suffered traumatic injuries and was unconscious when the Queensland Ambulance Service arrived and was taken to hospital unconscious.

He said the paramedics were to undergo “difficult extrication” as the woman fell into “parts of the armory machinery.”


The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. and the patient was taken to Cairns hospital unconscious.

The moment the woman fell was filmed and uploaded to Facebook, but was removed out of respect for her family.

An investigation into the safety of the journey will be launched.

A spokeswoman for the Queensland Ambulance said: “The woman has been released and treated for serious head and spine injuries.

“She was transported in critical condition with a paramedic and an air surgeon to Cairns hospital.

“A nurse informed me that she will likely remain in critical condition overnight. ”

The ride’s Facebook page states that The Hangover is a ride “for all thrill seekers, young and old” and warns users to “prepare to fly through the air on the swing arms rotating 360 degrees”.

Woman can be seen asking for help after witnessing the horrific crash5
Woman can be seen asking for help after witnessing the horrific crashCredit: News Corp Australia
Chaos erupted at the scene of the accident


Chaos erupted at the scene of the accidentCredit: News Corp Australia

A mom, who said her children witnessed the crash, wrote on Facebook: “They said they heard her scream ‘I’m falling’ when it was too late.

“My son said he would never go to a show again because they were about to get into this race.

“They left after that and he said he would never forget the sound, never. ”

Kurt Wanless was at the fair with his two children when he saw the 25-year-old tumble down.

He told DailyMail Australia: “I was catching a daggle dog and saw it flying in the last few meters before it hit the ground.

“My daughter saw her land.

“There was a young guy and a girl around 18 who looked pretty upset.

“They were crying. I think they could have been his friends or his family.

According to Mr Wanless, parents and children were riding the merry-go-round after the woman fell.

He said, “People used to take their kids to see, which is pretty disgusting. I don’t want my kids to have this in their head.

“I grabbed my kids when they put their sheets down because I thought maybe she was dead. When we left, more police arrived.

A crowd of people grew when the alarm sounded 5
A crowd of people grew when the alarm sounded Credit: News Corp Australia


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