Wolfgang Van Halen says rumor hurts his family


Wolfgang Van Halen has taken to Twitter to end speculation that he will take over from his father in the famous Van Halen group.

Eddie Van Halen, 65, has passed away after battling cancer for years and he left an impressive legacy as one of the world’s greatest guitarists.

His son is also a professional guitarist, but wants it to be known that there is no truth to the rumor that he will be part of a new Van Halen with bassist Michael Anthony and former singer Sammy Hagar and drummer Alex Van Halen.

Young Van Halen tweeted – using colorful language – that it’s a “lie trying to capitalize on these terrible times” and asked people to “please stop with this. “
He also said that whoever fuels the rumor “is not only hurting the fans, but hurting me and my family”.

The 29-year-old has been working on his first solo album for some time and in July responded to a question on social media about whether being the son of such a famous musician was a blessing or a curse.

“That’s a great question. It’s really both, ”he replied. “Being who I am, I think people will at least be interested in what my job will look like, which is very nice. But on the other hand, if that’s not exactly what they want to hear or if I don’t try to sound ‘Van Halen-y’ enough for them, they’ll hate me and won’t tell me the time. of the day. ”

“I’m totally ready for a wave of hate when my music comes out because it won’t be what people think it will be,” he added. “I’m not trying to be my father, I’m trying to be me. “


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