Windows crashed at British Columbia Liberal candidate’s campaign office in Surrey


VANCOUVER – The windows of the campaign office of British Columbia Liberal candidate Dave Hans have been smashed, which he says follows threats against his campaign team and family. Hans, the Surrey-Guildford candidate, says that since his candidacy was announced he has been inundated with threats. He sees vandalism as an escalation of these threats.

“They threatened our lives and the children and everything. And they send vulgar messages to my family at home, finding them on social media, ”he says.

Hans, is also involved in a lawsuit for a real estate transaction that collapsed three years ago and has denied the infringement allegations.

Speaking to CTV News Vancouver on Saturday morning, Hans said his team learned of the destruction around 9 a.m. when the campaign manager went to open the office.

“The glass is broken in my office,” he says.

The attacker “can break (the) glass in my office, but he cannot break my confidence,” he added.

Photos submitted to CTV News Vancouver show the glass front door to his Surrey campaign office smashed down, with a cobblestone lying on the ground near the damage. Another window in the office was also smashed.

Surrey RCMP confirms they are investigating the vandalism.

The constituency of Surrey-Guildford is relatively new, having only been created in 2015. The first time it was part of an election was in 2017, in which the constituency was elected. entrusted to British Columbia NDP MP Garry Begg.

Hans said he interpreted vandalism as a scare tactic, but said he would not be afraid of his running for office.

“I am a young professional and I am here to fight. This is the change we want to make in this company, ”said Hans.

“This election is not about taking power, it’s about making a change and making a change and being part of that change,” he continued.

Hans, who is South Asian, said he did not interpret the attack as racist.

“I don’t think it’s a racial attack, I think it’s an attack on a young professional. They don’t want an educated person, an engineer like me, to show up and make the change in society. It’s dirty and dirty policy, ”he said.


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