Willie Brown: Trump virus positive tests big negative for campaign


It had to happen. President Trump has become the world’s most watched coronavirus test subject. This is the guy who said, don’t worry about the virus – it will go away. He’s the guy who made it a point of honor to wear a mask but who rarely wears it. He’s the guy who brought his fans together at large gatherings, outdoors and indoors.

Now he has it.

Trump is an avowed germophobe. He doesn’t even like to shake hands. I suspect he’s half scared of his mind, but it wouldn’t be part of Trump’s facade to show anything other than trust. In fact, he must have a courageous face, politically.

It’s a month after election day. People are already voting. It’s the worst possible time to be in the penalty area, because your base wants it there, to challenge themselves, to be personal in front of a big crowd and to have fun.

He can’t do that now. And it will cost him dearly.

Reset: California Senator Kamala Harris is expected to be on her biggest campaign stage yet on Wednesday in a debate with Vice President Mike Pence.

Harris’ behavior was not always consistent in primary debates last year. The Democrat ticket will be better served this week if it targets the presidential election, rather than playing attack dog or throwing canned zingers that bill themselves as artificial and fake.

Especially after last week’s debacle, in which President Trump mocked the first presidential debate, Harris will win simply by quietly and measuredly flaunting his intelligence and sobriety.

And no matter what Pence says, she has to appear respectful of the office and be the adult in the room.

Parole simple: Joe Biden did better than I expected in the debate, but he still seemed a little confused at times. Assuming there is another debate, he can turn his sometimes hesitant approach into a plus.

He should open by frankly explaining that he sometimes struggles with a stuttering issue that he has worked hard to overcome.

It might sound like, “Sometimes it’s not easy for me, because I stutter. Donald Trump says I have dementia. The truth is, this is all part of the challenge I have been living through for years. If you know someone who has the challenge of having a stutter, you’ll understand.

This kind of frank speech would instantly put to rest the question of its slow, deliberate and at times confusing syntax.

It could also set Trump back a few steps from the door.

Table time: I had lunch with former supervisor Jane Kim the other day at John’s Grill. She arrived on an electric bicycle.

We haven’t seen much of Kim since his run for mayor. She works for a non-profit housing. But after chatting with her, I’m sure she still has the election bug. So don’t be surprised if you see her running again, maybe for Nancy Pelosi’s seat if the speaker ever steps down.

I also recently had lunch with Democratic MP Phil Ting. He raises funds and collects endorsements for the post of State Controller.


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