Will half a step from Macron be enough to blunt France’s second wave?


“We are a country where prevention policy is not part of our culture,” he said in an interview this week. “There are elements in French society which are favorable to the development of the virus.”

The consequence was a “hesitation in the official line of the government”, declared Mr. Jomier, a member of the party of the Greens which represents a Parisian district. “The governance of public health is not well organized.”

“Test, locate, isolate – it was a failure,” he said. “Badly developed, poorly implemented.”

At Charles de Gaulle airport for example, arriving travelers are tested, but they do not get the results for at least a week.

Contact tracing has also “failed,” Jomier said; Mr Dab, the former public health director, called it a “fiasco” in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche in September, noting that the five contacts traced per case in July had fallen to two.

“The number of contacts is much lower than the actual number of contacts,” said Piarroux, the epidemic specialist. “Everything is done by phone. So there is less motivation ”to disclose contacts.

He and Mr Jomier also said solitary confinement, the third part of the triptych, had barely been imposed, underscoring runaway infection rates at shelters that house migrants.


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