Why Welsh and French players socially distance themselves during anthems


Rugby players from Wales and France were urged to socially distance themselves during the hymns of Saturday’s Six Nations warm-up match, despite going to be very close for the next 80 minutes.Rugby players have been urged to maintain social distancing, even from their own teammates, when they sing national anthems in empty stadiums this weekend.

The particular situation has happened twice already, before Scotland’s victory over Georgia on Friday night and Ireland’s victory over Italy earlier on Saturday. He had fans and experts wondering what was going on.

You can follow the France v Wales game live here.

Welsh international Sam Davies commented: “Social distance for anthems? For God’s sake, come on.

Former Scotland captain John Barclay emphasized: “Guys, make sure you get away socially before you proceed with the exchange of bodily fluids in each other’s mouths.

That’s a fair comment and many wondered what the point was when the two groups of players were about to lock the horns for 80 minutes in scrums, rucks, mauls and the tackle zone.

All participating players are also involved in a rigorous testing program.

But, despite all of this, the official reason is that players are encouraged to limit the number of instances where they come into close contact with another person.

Therefore, unnecessary contact is avoided, even with their own teammates.

Although players share a bubble in their team’s hotel, even in that they need to be vigilant of unnecessary contact and not share rooms with each other. You can read the restrictions in place for them here.

Many will think that social distancing for anthems is a step too far, but that’s the reason.


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