Why Paris Hilton demands the closure of this Utah school


YouTube recently released a documentary about Paris Hilton titled It’s Paris. In the revealing film, Hilton describes a traumatic experience from her past in a youth treatment center. Here is why the entrepreneur and former reality TV star is asking for the permanent closure of this facility.

In Paris Hilton documentary, perfume and makeup mogul recalls horrific memories at a young age

Paris Hilton at the Fashion For Relief Cannes 2018 event | YANN COATSALIOU / AFP via Getty Images

Recent Hilton YouTube Documentary It’s Paris portrays a very different take on the personality of the media that many people have seen in the past. The former reality TV star Simple life tells her traumatic story of being sent to a behavior modification school in Provo Canyon, Utah, as a teenager. In It’s Paris, Hilton recalls a torturous experience during her 11 months at school, where counselors monitored teenage bathroom and shower use and verbally abused them. She also claims that staff have put her in segregation.

After watching the doc, businesswoman and tattoo artist Kat Von D followed the Instagram post. She detailed details horribly similar to Hilton’s. Von D’s parents also sent her to Provo Canyon for 6 months, which the LA Ink star said gave her “major PTSD.”

“… They have certainly been the most traumatic six months of my life,” she shared in the Instagram video.

Other Provo Canyon alumni cite similar allegations

However, it wasn’t just celebrities who spoke out against school. The facility has been open for 50 years, and a trail of allegations has haunted Provo Canyon.

“There is a trend of controversy and allegations of abuse stretching from the 1980s to today in one of Utah’s largest youth treatment centers,” the Salt Lake Tribune reported. .

Provo Canyon has remained open amid “multiple lawsuits” and even “state threats to revoke its license.”

The post spoke to 8 Provo Canyon alumni, reporting their claims that closely resembled those of Hilton and Von D. Per the Trib:

They spoke of repeated physical strain, with up to 10 staff cramming onto young children. Some were chemically sedated, or so over-medicated that they felt like a zombie. Others said they were left in isolation rooms for days after getting into trouble for things like not getting out of bed or asking for an inhaler.

Von D said in his Instagram post that Provo Canyon is trying to extricate itself from its own responsibility by referring to a change in ownership of the school since the two makeup artists were involved.

Per FOX, Provo Canyon posted a statement on its website citing that “the previous owners sold the school in 2000”.

“We are committed to providing high quality care to young people with special and often complex emotional, behavioral and psychiatric needs,” they continued.

But that doesn’t mean that these schools – of which there are several, operating across the United States (Hilton having attended several of her own) – are for-profit institutions. Meaning: They earn money from troubled teens and their parents’ concern for their children.

Paris Hilton is now openly protesting the Utah school

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According to FOX, Hilton recently shifted its efforts from the screen to the real world, leading an in-person protest against Provo Canyon.

Hilton and other protesters donned T-shirts bearing the words “survivor” and “breaking the silence of the code”. The latter, reports FOX, is “a reference to Hilton’s new campaign to compel others to shed light on what she believes is a corrupt industry that manipulates parents and traumatizes young people.”

In a speech to the other protesters, Hilton said:

It’s something so traumatic that you don’t even want to think it’s real. It is something that I have blocked from my memory forever.


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