Who is leading the US presidential debate tonight?


TORONTO – After last month’s largely chaotic presidential debate, NBC reporter Kristen Welker will take the reigns in what could be another explosive night. Welker has been a White House reporter for NBC since 2011 and played a leading role in network coverage during the 2016 presidential election. In January, Welker was promoted to co-host of “Weekend Today,” l NBC Weekend Morning Show.

In September, Welker received the “Outstanding Journalism in Broadcasting Television” award at the Washington Women in Journalism Awards.

US President Donald Trump previously congratulated Welker on his new post with “Weekend Today” in January, saying NBC made a “very wise decision” in hiring him, but has since changed their mind. tweeting samedi that she “has always been terrible and unfair, like most of the Fake News reporters.”

At a rally in Arizona on Monday, Trump called her a “radical Democrat” who “has been shouting questions at me for a long time.”

Welker was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to a white father and a black mother. Her mother was the first African-American president of the Penn State University Women’s Student Association.

Welker has previously said that it was this education that inspired her to become a journalist.

“Growing up as a biracial child, the idea of ​​helping people of different races and backgrounds communicate better inspired me to become a journalist,” she said in a profile on Black Journalists in Glamor Magazine in June.

Welker was one of four moderators of a U.S. Democratic debate in November 2019, where she was tasked with asking questions of the remaining 10 candidates on health care, race and housing.

This time around, Welker chose six topics: the fight against COVID-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security, and leadership.


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