When Nottingham, Rushcliffe, Broxtowe and Gedling’s Level 3 restrictions could end


As the lives of nearly 700,000 people are on the verge of being affected by the Level 3 restrictions, council leaders and the government have managed to agree on an end date. The counseling areas of Nottingham, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe are set to move to Covid-19 Level 3 restrictions following discussions between the government and local authority leaders.

These measures come into effect one minute after midnight on Thursday, October 29, following intense discussions in recent days.

The new restrictions will expire in 28 days and will be “closely watched” by the government.

So in theory, these restrictions should be lifted by Thursday, November 26.

The date could prove to be a key light at the end of the tunnel for many businesses and residents who will be affected by the new, more stringent measures.

Entering level 3 means pubs and bars must close unless they are serving meals, while households are prohibited from mixing indoors or in private gardens and beer gardens.

In the statement, the councils said that a single package of measures in these specific areas will be officially announced on Tuesday, October 27 and that it was agreed to achieve a “sustainable reduction in infection rates”, in particular for help protect vulnerable residents, the NHS and social care services.

Ashfield, Mansfield, Newark and Sherwood and Bassetlaw all remain under Level 2 restrictions and have avoided the government’s toughest measures.

Nottinghamshire Covid Tier Levels

Speaking to Nottinghamshire Live, Gedling Town Council chief John Clarke said: ‘At the 28 day limit I said there had to be light at the end of the tunnel, because s’ there aren’t any, people’s heads will go down, productivity will go downhill, and in general, we’ll be in a worse mess than we are now.

When asked if he thought the proposed restrictions would be enough to improve fares enough within 28 days, he said: “I think they will, I think they will be pulling the reins on people, because the next step is to go back to where we started in March, where a lot of things will be closed, limited hours in supermarkets and all that sort of thing.

“I hope people take note of it, because it’s the alternative, and it’s in people’s hands.

“Some people just want to shut the world off, but you have to find that balance, which is not easy to find. ”

When moving parts of Nottinghamshire to Level 3 status, Rushcliffe Town Council Head Councilor Simon Robinson said: ‘We know we are asking residents and businesses to make even more sacrifices, but they are necessary to ensure that we can restrict transmission. of Covid-19 and protect lives.

“The full measures will be described as soon as possible. Please do your part to stop the spread of the virus. ”

Councilor Milan Radulovic, Head of Broxtowe Borough Council, told Nottinghamshire Live: “I think this is the right decision and the right decision is to balance the need of the local economy for shops and businesses are operating, but reduce the number of infections among the over 60 and protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. ”


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