When an enraged Queen Elizabeth threw shoes at Prince Philip in the midst of a gruesome fight


Queen Elizabeth threw a pair of shoes at Prince Philip, bombshell book says

In the end, even Queen Elizabeth gets angry with her husband during intense moments of heated debate!

It happened when an extremely furious monarch threw a pair of shoes at Prince Philip while they were engaged in an argument, as the new biography claims. Prince Philip revealed.

Author Ingrid Seward writes that a fight took place between the couple while they were on tour in Australia in 1954.

The feud escalated when a film crew secretly filmed them, where they were staying, for an upcoming documentary.

According to the book, a cameraman was horrified to see Philip charging out of the couple’s cabin, “followed by a pair of flying tennis shoes and a racket and a very angry queen shouting for him to come back.” Then the indignant queen grabbed her husband and brought him back inside.

A moment of pinned silence spread with the royal press secretary then asking the crew to turn off the cameras or they would be arrested, according to the book.

The case was settled after the clip was handed over to the Queen, for whom she came to meet the team personally to thank them for giving her the offending clip.

Writer Seward mentions in the book how Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth often fought.

Philip could be “very hard” on the Queen and has often called her a “bloody jerk and accused her of speaking bullshit,” Seward claims.

The Queen “rarely answered but changed the subject and started speaking in riddles that would distract him as he tried to figure out what she was talking about,” the book says.


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