What Jamie Foxx’s electro could look like with a yellow lightning bolt


New fan art shows what Jamie Foxx’s electro could look like with yellow lightning bolts in the MCUs Spider-Man 3. Foxx first played Electro in Sony The incredible Spider-Man 2. As an underworked employee of Oscorp Industries, Foxx’s Max Dillon fell into a tank of genetically modified eels in a workplace accident and received electrical power. Much like the film itself, the portrayal of Electro drew mixed reactions from audiences, especially because his appearance strayed greatly from the comics. Instead of just wearing a green and yellow suit, Electro went all-blue as a result of his accident.

The Incredible Spider-Man 2 seemed to be the end of Foxx’s Electro, not least because he died at the end of the movie. However, fans were in shock (no pun intended) when news broke last week that Electro would be returning to the MCUs. Spider-Man 3. The circumstances of its rebirth, not to mention how it will fit into the MCU after its first appearance in Sony’s world, have not been revealed, but Foxx has confirmed that this time around, Spider-Man villain- Man will not be blue.

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Unsurprisingly, fans are very excited to see an Electro that could get a little closer to the comics. In anticipation of this new look, digital artist Yadvender Singh Rana created a new piece that gives Electro its traditional yellow light as he takes on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. It’s definitely far from what it looked like The Incredible Spider-Man 2. Find out below.

The news of Foxx’s return has inspired countless questions from fans, and the state of his appearance is certainly one of them. The MCU has met with great success translating some of comic book’s greatest villains to the big screen and finding ways to honor their roots while giving their stories a new twist. Therefore, it will be very exciting to see what Marvel chooses to do with Electro, especially since its previous appearance on the big screen was so underwhelming. This gives Marvel the ability to properly adapt Electro, or at least with a more comic book look.

There is a lot of excitement around Spider-Man 3, but so far many parts of it remain shrouded in mystery. Plot details are still being kept under wraps, although they will surely begin to appear as the December 2021 release date approaches. Production is slated to begin this fall, which could provide some highly anticipated clues as well. One thing is certain though: Electro is back, and it will be very different this time around.

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Source: Yadvender Singh Rana / Instagram

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