Week 6 fantasy football waivers | QB streamers, DST options


Picking Up Fantasy Football Waiver Leads Attention *** READ FIRST ***

Players must be less than 60% registered on Yahoo!

They are listed in order of preference.

Yes, I deliberately do not include FOB amounts or percentages… WHY?

I stopped a few years ago because they were worthless to 95% of readers. It’s always relative, like if you lose your RB1 to injury and there is a clear save, you’re going to be more aggressive.

Aggressiveness also varies by league, and furthermore, if I said 60% or $ 40, it’s also relative as the percentage can be very far depending on how much you have left, and dollars can be too big for your budget the rest of the way.

See? It is a relative amount based on fluctuating factors biased by many variables.

QB and TE streams are grouped together – their ranking may change slightly once the projections / rankings …


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