Week 10 veto ceremony results – Big Brother Network


We have your Big Brother spoilers for this week’s Veto meeting after the medallion holder revealed the alliance’s next move and put together this week’s final names for Thursday’s eviction vote. Read on to find out what happened.

It’s another familiar week with HOH winning the Veto and sitting on it. We’ve only seen the Veto used twice this season and four of the last five PoV comps have gone to the HOH. It’s been a dull week. It might be time for Big Brother to make some adjustments to the way the Veto plays out, much like BBCAN’s decision to keep the HOH out of this roster.

Either way, we have Cody’s right hand holding the HOH room and the Veto, so it goes with the same plan they’ve had all season. No surprises here.

Power of Veto Ceremonial Spoilers – Week 10

  • Nicole decided NOT to use the Veto
  • Christmas and Memphis are the final names for this week

Memphis believes he is safe thanks to talks with his allies Cody and Enzo. Meanwhile, Nicole also assured Christmas of her safety. Both names pushed for a Cody BD but that wasn’t going to happen. Now one of them will make it to the jury and for now it looks like Memphis has that honor.

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