Wealthy Elder “Stabbed His Wife To Death Shortly After Having Sex With Her In Frenzied Knife Attack”


A wealthy British man had sex with his wife before strangling and murdering her in a frenzied knife attack at their £ 450,000 villa on the Costa del Sol, according to Spanish prosecutors.

Retired company boss Geoffrey Elton then cut the power, kicked his 15-year-old son out of the house and ditched their phones and mobiles to slow down the flow of help , according to officials.

The brutal murder of mother-of-two Gloria Tornay was laid bare today as Elton, who divided his time between the resort town of Estepona and a Florida residence, was charged with her murder.

Spanish prosecutors want the 56-year-old jailed for 14 years if found guilty and ordered to pay his children £ 180,000 in restitution.

Geoffrey Elton, 56, was taken to court by Spanish police on the Costa Del Sol last year

Elton with his 58-year-old Spanish wife Gloria

Elton with his 58-year-old Spanish wife Gloria

In an indictment submitted to a pre-trial judge, they state: “Geoffrey Miles Elton was in the house he shared with his wife and their 15-year-old son in Estepona and with the obvious intention of ending her life after having sex with. in their room, suddenly and totally unexpectedly, started punching her in the face as he put his hand over her mouth to choke her.

“He then proceeded to strangle her and when he couldn’t achieve his goal he used a 5.7 inch long kitchen knife to stab her 11 times. “

Gloria, 58, suffered a back injury while trying to flee and died after suffering “hypovolemic shock” from massive blood loss.

Alleging that Elton took advantage of the fact that his alleged victim had consumed alcohol as well as morphine and methadone before the attack that ended his life, prosecutors added: “After what s’ came by, the defendants evicted their son from the property, threw his cell phone, his wife’s and the home phone outside, and cut the power to the house.

“This was done in an effort to ensure the success of his actions by preventing emergency services from arriving on time and preventing anyone from entering the property to assist the victim. “

Elton, who ran a successful satellite installation company before retiring at the age of 50 to relax in his four-bed detached house, has been in custody since the murder of Spain-born Gloria, March 9 of last year.

He had spent time with his UK-based brother before the horror murder after his younger brother went on vacation to Spain.

Her brother, oblivious to the horrific incident that was about to unfold at his parent’s sunny villa, posted happy family photos of them relaxing at a beach bar on the Costa del Sol days before. stab and wrote, “Have a nice lunch with my brother and co.” the sun is shining.’

Crime scene officers found a trail of blood throughout the house on a quiet residential street in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean and reportedly concluded that the alleged murderer chased his victim through the property before cornering her and terminating his life.

Elton spent his time between this villa on the Costa del Sol and a house in Florida

Elton spent his time between this villa on the Costa del Sol and a house in Florida

Reports at the time indicated that Gloria, the third of eight children from a village near Ronda in southern Spain, planned to leave her husband.

An acquaintance described Elton as “more and more paranoid” as the murder approached, saying he had become more and more reclusive and began to fear his family was spying on him.

Prosecutors will tell his murder trial that they believe he suffered from a rare mental illness that distorts his appreciation of reality.

But a well-placed source said: “While they do accept that he has a disorder that has led to him suffering from delusions, they don’t think it exempts him from criminal liability. “

The date for the Briton’s trial has not yet been set.

Lawyers acting for Gloria’s family, who have launched a parallel criminal prosecution to the state’s, are reportedly demanding the same 14-year prison sentence.

Murder can now be punished with life imprisonment in certain circumstances in Spain following a 2015 legal reform.

The request for less than 14 years in prison is in part linked to prosecutors accepting that Elton suffers from a mental disorder, described in the indictment as a “mitigating circumstance.”


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