We learn to die with the coronavirus … a dark winter to come: Joe Biden


Joe Biden has said he will go to all governors and urge them to enforce the wearing of masks in their states.

Washington: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Friday Americans will not learn to live with COVID-19, but learn to die with it, as the pandemic has eclipsed everything the country has faced in the world. recent history and shows no signs of slowing down.

More than 220,000 Americans have lost their lives, accounting for more than a fifth of the total deaths worldwide, Biden said in a major political speech on the coronavirus, a day after the last presidential debate he had with outgoing Republican President Donald Trump.

Biden, in his speech in his home state of Delaware, blamed Trump’s policies for the deadly spread of the virus which has had a devastating impact on the country’s economy.

“President Trump said we turn around the corner, it goes, we learn to live with it. These are quotes. But like I told him last night, we won’t learn to live with it. We are learning. die with it. It’s a dark winter ahead, ”said Biden, 77.

“Already more than 220,000 people in the United States have lost their lives to this virus. Worse yet, a new study from Columbia University suggests that between 130,000 and 210,000 of these deaths were preventable, ”he said.

“COVID-19 is eclipsing anything we have encountered in recent history and it shows no signs of slowing down. The virus is increasing in almost all states. We have passed 4.8 million cases. And when we asked Trump this week what he has. D do differently to get the response to the pandemic early on, his response was and I quote: “Not much. Not much, ”“ said the former vice president.

Alleging that Trump has no plan to fight the coronavirus, Biden said the longer he was president, the more reckless he became.

“We don’t have to be held captive by the failures of this administration. We can choose a different path. We can do what Americans have always done: come together and rise to the challenge with courage, compassion and determination, ”he said.

Revealing his plan, if he were voted into power in November, Biden said he would immediately put in place a national strategy that would position the country to finally get ahead of this virus and recover lives.

Biden said he would ask the new Congress to table a bill on his desk by the end of January with all the resources needed to see how public health and economic response can be viewed at the end of what is necessary.

Biden said he would go to all governors and urge them to enforce the wearing of masks in their states. “And if they refuse, I will go to mayors and county leaders and put in place local masking requirements across the country,” he said, adding that as president he will enforce the wearing of masks in all federal buildings and in all interstate transport.

“Because masks save lives,” he said, adding that he will put in place a national testing plan with the aim of testing as many people each day as they are currently testing each week. The Democratic presidential candidate said the vaccine would be free and freely available to everyone.

Describing this as a Biden-Harris program, he said all Americans would work together.

“And that’s not hyperbole, we all work together, we look out for each other. We’re all going to have to wear a mask again or practice social distancing a little longer. It’s going to be tough, ”he told me.

“But if we follow the science and keep the faith with one another, I promise you, we’ll get out of this and out of the other side much faster than the rate we’re going now.” Listen, you all know that. people have always given the best of themselves to this country in times of crisis. And this time it’s no different, ”he said.


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